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Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island

Whether you are a nature enthusiast or a beauty lover, Hormuz island touches your soul with a haunting combination of natural beauty and the traditional lifestyle. Located on the strait of Hormuz, the island has magical tales to tell you.

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Where is Hormuz Island?

Hormuz is a colorful island in Hormozgan province, Iran. A travel to Hormuz is possible only from the sea, either for Bandar Abbas or the Qeshm island. You can reach the island by passenger ferries.

Hormuz is a colorful island in Hormozgan province, Iran

Why to visit Hormuz island?

With the red volcanic soil, different-colored rocks, and a mix of silver and golden coastlines, the beauty of Hormuz makes the island a stunning wonderland. The nature of Hormuz reminds you of the sunset; a scenic view hours and hours beholding of which would not be enough. Beside the nature, the culture and the custom of the kind people of the island will be inscribed on every tourist’s heart and soul. In every quarter of this area, you can find a mysterious and story. Travel to the Hormuz island to hear all its tales.   

Top Sights in Hormuz

Do not miss the red soil of this mine. The sunset doubles the amazing reddish beauty of the scene. The soil of this mine is used in pigments and color industry, cosmetic products, pottery and ceramics. What is interesting is that it is said local people use the soil in their cuisines!

Hara or mangrove forests are a special kind of forests on the Persian Gulf coastline. By every tide of the sea these trees hide under the water and show again. They act like a filter which make the salty water sweet. If you are interested in seeing them in their flourishing season, the best time to travel is in the summer in June and July. Hara forests are a sweet home of migratory birds.

Meet the silence and marvel of the nature here. It is said that salt I like a filter for air and sound pollution. The river of salt and salty cliffs are the reason for the silence of the valley; this is where the name of the valley comes from. There is also a colorful river, mostly orange and golden, in the salt valley. Put your finger in the water to see how salt crystals will form on your skin.

Here can be the dreamy place of your trip, the most appealing and colorful attraction of Hormuz. If you are a nature enthusiast, this place will touch your soul. Looking at the multi-hued sand and colorful rocks is a once-in-a-life-time experience. The combination of clay and gasses, on the one hand, and the volcanic soil and rocks, on the other hand, form this amazing geological treasure.

Hormuz is the island of colors. In the second half of the year, there are diverse ceremonies held by locals; the magical ingredient of which is color. One of the most famous events is the ceremony for making the soil carpet. Locals use colorful soils to design a carpet on the ground. These designs are mostly inspired by Hormozgan myths.   

This valley would definitely show you the magical power of the nature. Walking through the valley is an astounding experience. Let your imagination flies and see strange shaped of tall rocks: eagle, dragon, rooster. This photogenic haunting sight will be completed with the awesome view from a 40-meter height cliff which gives you the opportunity to look at the turquoise calm water of Hormuz strait where the Gulf of Oman meets high seas.  

This colorful house is a museum where the art works of a local artist, Ahmad Nadalian, are on show. The artist has a good international reputation. This is a place for the peace between human and the earth. There is also a video explaining the island and you can also see other local people artifacts; people who knew how to make peace with the nature.

Located on the north side of the harbor, the fortress is an impressive heritage of colonial period. Despite some destructions due to neglecting, its amazing beauty still haunts any tourist.

Practical information

The best time to visit Hormuz island is in the winter. The high season starts from November and continues until March. The summer is the low season because of high temperature in the south of Iran and humidity. But if you like a warm, humid weather you can try the warm season.

Just pack your backpack and book a tour to see Hormuz. The easiest way to see the island is with a tour guide. Very little English is spoken on the island and you need a guide in order to get the most out of your trip. Wear lightweight clothing and sunglasses.  Remember that mobile network is weak in some parts of the island and the temperature may drop at night and get quite cold.
As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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