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Alamut Castle
Alamut Castle

Once a fortress of Assassins, Alamut castle has thrived many historical mysteries. Prepare for an adventurous trip into a spectacular medieval history. Located in the heart of soaring Alborz peaks, Alamut castle will record an amazing journey spiced by inspirational landscapes.

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Where is Alamut Castle?

On top of the attractions of Qazvin province, Alamut castle is located beneath Alborz peaks, near the Shahrud Valley. To visit the Castle, you have to travel to the northeast side of Qazvin province.   

Alamut castle is located beneath Alborz peaks

Why to visit Alamut Castle?

Survived many historical events, Alamut castle has witnessed many rise and falls in its life. The castle was captured by Assassins and this is why it is also known as Ghal’e Hassan. Seized under the leadership of Hassa-i-Sabbah, the Alamut castle was once a significant headquarter of Ismaili’s state. Now, keeping plenty of historical stories in its heart, Alamut castle is resting in the middle of scenery landscapes, waiting for curious travelers for a visit.      

Top Sights in Alamut Castle

The Alamut castle is probably the main reason many tourists and travelers start a journey to this area. The Castle was built in 9th century AD, later captured by Hassan-I Sabbah in the 11th century. Alamut Castle is located approximately 100km from Tehran and to reach the castle you will experience an adventurous, amazing trekking.

Apart from the dazzling fascination of the castle, the scenery landscape surrounding the castle is a seductive invitation for a hike. In the area, there lies one of the most beautiful natural lakes of Iran: Ovan lake. Easily accessible, the Ovan lake is a superb place for relaxing. If hiking appeals to you, the surrounding peaks are good areas for experiencing an adventure.

Practical information

The Alamut area is an all-round year destination. The lush hillsides and the moderate temperature will make the trip agreeable during spring and summer. In the autumn and winter the temperature may drop dramatically as the Castle is located in the highlands.

Do not forget to wear trekking shoes when traveling to Alamut Castle. A one-day backpack would be enough. Grab your camera and be prepared for a tempting hiking in an alluring destination.
As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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