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Embraced uniquely haunting nature and astoundingly spectacular historical site, Kurdistan is a destination travel to which will become the highlight of your traveling life.

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Where is Kurdistan?

Located on the northwest side of Iran, Kurdistan a good place for learning more about the Kurdish incredible culture and rich history. In the Kurdistan province you will enjoy watching the amazing nature and feel relaxed by the agreeable climate. Visits to historical sites and spectacular, famous villages will ass some adventure to this journey.  

Why to visit Kurdistan?

Magically pleasant weather; lush, intact landscapes; rich culture and historical heritages are all things any professional traveler cannot help not to experience. The number of tourists in increasingly rising and a lot of travelers plan to visit this fascinating part of Iran every year.

Top Sights in Kurdistan  

Earning a place in the list of top one hundred places you must visit, Palangan is traced village similar to Masouleh. The roof of a house is the yard of another house! May be it is this architecture of the village that has impact on the behavior of people: they are friendly, kind people the hearts of whom are close to each other, just like their homes.

Is it the most beautiful and green village in Iran? Travel to the area to see how much a place can be amazing. There are plenty of sights to visit in Marivan, including the Zrebar Lake and Uraman Takht. To get the most out of your trip to Marivan, visit the museum of anthropology and wander in the traditional Bazaar of Marivan.

To visit Howraman, you will pass this fascinating road. As you proceed, the height rises. Here is the place where you can see beyond the borders: enjoy the scenery landscapes of this spectacular defile.

Situated on the southeast of Marivan, the Howraman village is said to be dated back to the Iron age. Here, houses lay in the peaks of mountains, so close to the clouds that any traveler who travels here will realize how dreamy places are real.

Every year, on the second month of spring, a special festival is held in this area. What do you think might be the reason for so many people who plan to be present at this amazing ceremony? Travel to Howraman village to find the Pir Shaliar Shrine and unravel the mystery of this Buddhist style shrine.

The last but not least, is an alluring lake which will spice your journey to the northwest of Iran. Considered as the largest and most beautiful, sweet-water lake of Iran, the Zrebar lake invites you to record unforgettable memories including boat riding.

Practical information

Kurdistan is a mountainous region, therefore traveling in warm season is recommended. From the middle of spring to the first month of autumn is the best time for visiting Kurdistan.    

Wear your trekking shoes, bring an extra layer and be prepared for some rainy days. Remember that a one-day backpack and essential, personal stuff are necessary for any travel.

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.

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