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Cloud Forest
Cloud Forest

Having a pleasant, agreeable climate, the Cloud forest in the Golestan province is one of the few forests in the world where travelers can experience the phenomenon of a sea of clouds with a bit of chance.

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Where is Cloud Forest?

On the hillsides of the Mount Alborz, on the border of Semnan’s semi-arid area and Golestan forests, there lies one of the oldest and most beautiful forests of Iran. The forest is called “Cloud Forest” due to the dreamy phenomenon of a sea of clouds typical to this region. To reach the area, you have to take the Semnan province road from Tehran and head to a city called Shahrud.

Cloud forest is in the Golestan province

Why to visit Cloud Forest?

As a part of the Caspian Hyrcanian forests, the cloud forest is a habitat for a vast variety of vegetation some of which are thousand years old. If you have enough chance, with an agreeable climate, you will have the opportunity to watch the phenomenon called a sea of clouds. Here is the place that the dream of the head in the clouds will come to the reality. Imagine yourself as walking on a sea of oceans and watching spectacular vibrating landscapes.  

Top Sights in Cloud Forest  

On the way to the Cloud forest, there are cities like Shahrud and Bastam the historical sites of which worth to visit.

One of the famous Persian Sufis, Bayazid Bastami is known as a pioneer of the concept of mystical union with the deity. The tomb is peacefully simple and metal lattice windows are the main decorations.

According to the its recognized inscription, the tomb dates back to about eight hundred years ago. With a height of 20m, it can be compared with a modern seven-story building.

Considered as a significant Persian Sufi and poet, Abu al-Hassan al-Kharaqi is said to have a decisive role in Persian culture preservation. Inside the shrine, there is a marble tomb with some poems are inscribed on it.

Definitely the top highlight of your trip, the cloud forest is where you will never forget. The peaceful atmosphere of walking amongst old trees and listening to the sound of birds will totally detach you from earthly life. Breath in a pleasantly agreeable weather and feel the magic of the nature. Here is a round-year cool destination as It locates in a high situation from the sea.

Practical information

For experiencing the phenomenon of a sea of clouds, the best time would be the first part of the year. From May to September is the high season. The cloud forest is a great destination for travelers who want to escape the hot weather. It is highly recommended not to travel here in the winter because you may confront difficulties in reaching the destination due to the height of the region.   

In spring and summer wear light cloth and bring your raincoat. Having an extra layer would be wise in any trip. Trekking shoes, a light backpack and a camera are essential as you are going to experience an amazing adventure and taking some photos for recording it would be a must!

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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