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Javaher Dasht (Gilan Province)
Javaher Dasht (Gilan Province)

Embrace an amazingly adventurous and memorable experience in lush plains near clouds in Gilan province. The Javaher Dasht county is one of the best destinations for hot summers.

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Where is Javaher Dasht?

Located in the north of Iran, Javaher Dasht county is among top destinations in Gilan province with verdant plains where the weather is pleasantly agreeable: a great choice for hot summers. To travel to Javaher Dasht county you have to go to the east side of Gilan, near a city called Rudsar.

The beauty and excitement of this journey start from its road

Why to visit Javaher Dasht?

Cool, mountainous weather, lush plains blossomed with beautiful violets and the joy of watching horses in green pastures are just a tiny part of what you are going to experience in the Javaher Dasht county of Gilan province.   

Top Sights in Javaher Dasht

The beauty and excitement of this journey start from its road: a path naturally decorated by orange trees where the scent of orange and the beauty of rain make it even more dreamy. The cool weather blowing on the plains will feel great on your skin and you will forget the noisy, polluted weather of big cities at all.    

Considered to be the highest peak in Gilan province, the Somamos is a perfect destination for mountain climbing lovers. It is highly recommended to trek the peaks with an experienced tour guide.   

If you travel to Javaher Dasht county in summers, you will have the chance to watch sport competitions and festivals including wrestling and horse riding.   

Practical information

The best time to travel to Javaher dasht in Gilan province is in spring and summer. The scenery county is also spectacular in winter, but you have to be equipped and travel with experienced tour guides.

There are not many facilities here, so you need to buy whatever you need in advance. Trekking shoes, a light backpack, sleeping bag and an extra layer are essential for traveling to Javaher Dasht county.  

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.

2019-01-16 | by Sepide Eghtedari
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