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Local houses

Local houses are accommodations available in untouched, mountainous, rural or desert zones (places which finding hotel is not usually an option).

For easy access to natural attractions, staying in those houses is the best alternative. Most of these houses have the same  local architecture style as the texture of their area. Since they are usually in untouched and natural spots, they can offer primary facilities for accommodations. These places usually belong to local people who let their houses to tourists and travellers to earn money or for hospitality and in some of those houses, the owners also provide traditional and local cuisines for their guests. For example, the local houses in Subatan (mountainous region) and Kalut Shahdad (desert areas) are this type of houses. We guarantee the safety of tourists that travel with Dalahoo and stay in those houses.

The usual facilities available in those houses are

            1-      Heating system: Wood burn oven, kerosene burn heater and  cooking and heating lamps

            2-      Minimum one Iranian sanitary service

            3-      Primary style kitchen

            4-      Minimum one bathroom in most of those houses

Equipment for using these houses

                    Sleep bag in some cases

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