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Persian Cooking
Persian Cooking
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Persian Cooking

Half day morning


Included in the half day Tehran tour is an excursion to Tajrish Bazaar and Cooking Class.

*Meet the guide at the lobby of your hotel every afternoon.

Special Note:


 Persian Cooking


It's time to roll up your sleeves and tie on a Cooking apron. Prepare five delicious authentic recipes and then enjoy them for lunch in our restaurant. In just one morning class provide a fulfilling cultural experience, as well as lots of fun. We don't aim to turn you into a professional Persian chef in just a couple of hours. We want to introduce you the ingredients typically used in Persian cuisine and to teach you how to prepare and combine these in different ways than you may be used to, all this in a fun and relaxed setting. Afterwards, we'll sit down together to sample these foods with pleasant conversation in our restaurant. While other dinners start to trickle in. Our culinary journey will begin in Tajrish Bazaar where you will be introduced with the ingredients and then proceed to our Culinary School.

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