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Armenian Church In Tehran
Armenian Church In Tehran
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Included in the half day Tehran tour is an excursion to the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral of St Sarkis, Jewish Synagogue, Atashkadeh Adrian, Church of St Mary and Armenian Museum.

Important note for this tour: To be able to get permission for entrance to the sites you need to make reservation 4 days prior to departure, otherwise inside visits will not be on the schedule. Passport copies are required – either bring them in-or fax them to our Office.


an excursion to the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral of St Sarkis


Tehran has hosted a large community of followers of religions such as Zoroastrian, Armenian and Jewish for more than 200 years. Zoroastrian are the oldest religious community of Iran and according to the official census in 2011 about 25 thousand Zoroastrian live in Iran. From the time of Cyrus Great of the Achaemenid Empire, the Jews have long and continuous presence in Iran, and part of the experience of the life of this religious people in Iran has been written in Esther's book.

Armenians are mostly concentrated in Tabriz, Tehran and Isfahan's Jolfa quarter, and an estimated 70000 to 200000 remain in the country. The tour will begin with the visit of The Armanian Apostolic Cathedral of Saint Sarkis Cathedral that is famous for its beautiful paintings of Avedik Aivazyan. Later we visit the Jewish Synagogue and the Zoroastrian Fire Temple Atashkadeh Adrian and finally we end the tour with visit to Armanian Church and Museum of St Mary.

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