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The Precious Treasures of Iran
The Precious Treasures of Iran
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Half Day Afternoon


Included in the half day Tehran tour is an excursion to the Jewellery Museum, Golestan Palace and Tehran Grand Bazaar.
*Meet the guide at the lobby of your hotel every morning.

Special Note: Jewellery Museum is closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. It will be replaced with Reza Abbasi Museum on Thursday and Friday, Malek Museum on Wednesday. Tehran Grand Bazaar is closed on Fridays. Some shops will be open around the Bazaar area.



Take a closer look at Jewels of The most famous and important jewelry museum of the World! Iran Jewelry Museum is situated inside the Central Bank building, this museum houses hundreds of national treasures that was collected by numerous shahs of Iran. Daria-i-Noor is the largest diamond of the historical World. The Peacock Throne, The Samarian Spinel, Pahlavi Crown are jewels among hundreds of others that will be displayed at the museum. Our last visit is to Golestan Palace. This royal Qajar Palace complex is one of the oldest historic monuments in Tehran and UNESCO World Heritage Site that has beautiful garden, fountain pools, charming throne hall of Persian Shahs art collections and many other sections worth to visit. We visit the Reception Hall (Talar Salam), Royal Garden, Marble Throne (Eyvan Takhte-e-Marmar) and The Badgir.

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