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Iran Music (Music performance in Tehran)
Iran Music (Music performance in Tehran)
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Music concert in one of the venues of Roudaki Foundation.




Among the variety of concert halls in Tehran, Roudaki Cultural and Art Foundation that has 5 different venues where performing more than 500 concerts annually is one of the most important places for performing music in Tehran and Iran. Vahdat Hall, Roudaki Hall, Ferdowsi Hall, Hafez Hall and Azadi Theater are the top 5 venues in Tehran where classical, Pop, Traditional, Rock or Solo concerts are performed. If you like to go to a concert in Tehran, all you have to do is to contact our office or reception desk for up to date information for our concerts held in one of these venues.

You will meet our guide at the lobby of your hotel and then following a drive you will arrive to the venue. Your guide will explain the performance and the artists in detail. After the concert, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

2018-10-07 | by Sepide Eghtedari
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