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saadabad palace (Most Stunning Historical Complex in Iran)
saadabad palace (Most Stunning Historical Complex in Iran)
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Half Day Morning


Included in the half day Tehran tour is an excursion to the Sa'dabad Gardens, Green Palace, White Palace and Fine Arts Museum.
*Meet the guide at the lobby of your hotel every morning.



Sa'dabad complex, that covers an area of 110 hectares and contains 18 palaces, belongs to the Royal families of Qajar and Pahlavi Dynasties. Located within a unique and beautiful garden, Sa'dabad complex is one of the biggest and most stunning historical complexes in Iran. The Green Palace that was formerly known as Shahvand Palace is considered as the most beautiful palace in entire Iran. The White Palace was built by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as a Royal Summer Palace. Queen Farah Diba personally was involved in the decoration of the altogether 54 units in the palace. The last visit in Sa'dabad will be to the Fine Arts Museum, where you will see the most exquisite collection of Persian Paintings. In addition to the paintings by Iranian artists from Safavid era (16-17th C) to Qajarian era (19th C), there are masterpieces of Sohrab Sepehri, Hossein Mahjobi, Faramarz Pil Aram, Hossein Zende Roodi, and miniature paintings by Master Hossein Behzad.

2018-10-06 | by Sepide Eghtedari
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