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Bring to the reality the dream of Head in the clouds! Masal county is where you will find peace and beauty in their extreme degree. This place is a must-see heaven.  

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Where is Masal?

Located about 50 Kilometers from Rasht city, somewhere near the Talesh Mountains, there exists a place the sublime scenery and fertile county of which are the main attractions for many tourists. You may have heard about Masal alot. But if you have never travelled to this place, this is the best time to start your journey to this paradise not far from Tehran.

Why to visit Masal?

Imagine yourself on a haunting road head to a charming, breathtaking county, where with a bit of luck you can experience an amazing phenomenon called a “sea of clouds.” Walk into this sea and see how your childhood memories come to life again. But the delight will not come to an end at this point; so continue your adventure to feel more.

Top Sights in Masal

on this trip you will pass through a dreamy path framed by trees, and the sound of this river will be the background of your journey. As you proceed, the attractions of the trip will show up one by one. If you head to the southern road, the destination will be one of the most beautiful villages one can see in her life.

Every element necessary to fall in love with rural lifestyle can be found here. Stay a night under the starry sky in a wooden log cabin with the sound of birds as your alarm clock in the morning! But hurry to wake up to see a carpet of clouds under your feet. Spend the rest of the day eating local foods.

Practical information

The high season of Masal is from the late spring until late summer. During these months the weather is delightful and the county is in its flourishing time.

The temperature may drop at night and soon in the morning. So, warm cloths will be necessary. Wear trekking shoes and do not forget to take your camera to unravel the well-kept secrets of the nature.  

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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