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Located on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir, Kashan is a city of spectacular traditional houses. Enjoy the wonderful architecture, get familiar with a rich culture in the Bazaar and meet the history in a UNESCO-recognized garden.

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Where is Kashan?

Get ready for a journey into the history. Having a good reputation for its architectural style, Kashan is known as a city of beautiful houses and valuable historic sites. The city of civilization and culture is located in the north of Isfahan between mountains and deserts. But the reason many tourists travel to visit Kashan goes beyond.

Why to visit Kashan?

Home to famous people, including the poet Sohrab Sepehri and the painter Kamal Al Molk, Kashan is also known as a unique and alluring destination for its historical, cultural and architectural sites. The city is where you can visit one of the 9 UNESCO-recognized gardens in Iran: Bagh-e Fin.

Top Sights in Kashan

As one of the most significant attraction of Kahan, the Fin has earned a place in the list of UNESCO for world heritages. The major characteristic of Persian gardens is a combination of history, architecture and nature and the Fin is not of exception. Standing in the middle of the desert, the evergreen garden represents a contrast with the arid area. The symmetrical proportions of the building, the Cedar trees and the exquisite decorations make the place known as Bagh-e Shah (the garden of the King). Visit the delightful Fin and experience a peaceful trip.

Being in a harmony with the climate, the house illustrates the social status of the original owner, Jafar Tabatabaei. The splendid decorations, delicate reliefs and intricate glass works are reasons why the house is famous as the bride of Persian houses. The focus of the design of this structure is mostly on the inner part and this is said to be related to people believes. When traveled to Kashan, remember to ask about this tradition related to the privacy of the house.

Located about 10 kilometers north of Kahsan, Noushabad is the largest underground city of Iran. Although only a part of the tunnel is open to visitors, this spectacular, fascinating city can be a unique experience for any taste. The city was originally built around a spring and in the time of Mongols attack was a safe place for people. Visiting the Nushabad underground city will reveal an amazingly complex engineering project to you.  

Dating back some 3000 to 3500 ago, Tepe Sialk is one on the most significant archaeological sites in Iran. Whether you are a history and archaeology enthusiast or an adventurer, the story of the Sialk will haunt you. The Ziggurat is a testament of a progressive civilization found by chance around 80 years ago.  

If you want to see a magnificent example of Persian bathhouse, known as Hammam, visit this place. Exquisite, delicate tile works and splendid paintings of the Hammam are spectacular. But the most popular part of the bathhouse is its roof. The richly designed doom of the bathhouse is an ideal place for photographers.  

Practical information

Since Kashan is located in an arid area, you may experience a dry, hot climate in the summer. In autumn, the temperature may drop at night and the time is perfect for a trip to desert nearby. But if you want to travel in an agreeable, pleasant weather and attend the flower festival, the spring is the best time.

If you do not have enough time for a long time travel, Kashan is a great choice. It is just a one-day trip from Tehran and with a tour you can visit the main attractions. So just grab your backpack and be prepared for a journey into the history. Remember to bring your camera as you are going to see alluring attractions.

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.

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