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The home of one of the Unesco-recognized heritages, Zanjan is a magnificent place for those who want to experience a journey into the beauty of nature and the richness of the history.

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Where is Zanjan?

To reach this modest city of Iran, you have three choices depending on your interest: train, bus or private car. The Nostalgic sound of the train best suits travelers who want to make the most of their trip. Just take a ticket and hop on a train which takes you to the gateway of the history. There are also plenty of bus services from Tehran, Tabriz and Isfahan. By a private car, you will have a more flexible schedule.  

Zanajn is the home of one of the Unesco-recognized heritages

Why to visit Zanjan?

Located in Azerbaijan, Iran, the city of Zanjan is the capital city of Zanjan province. The city is surrounded by hills and is on a plain. Zanjan is an ideal place for exploration. It is said that the city was built in the Sassanid era, by the king Ardashir. The ancient history of the city is the perfect testament of its many valuable historical and archaeological sites.

Top Sights in Zanjan

The mausoleum of Oljaytu, Soltaniyeh is doubtless the main attraction of Zanjan, Iran. Located in the in the east site of Zanjan, this glorious, alluring structure has earned a place in the Unesco list of world heritage. Soltanieh is a must-see destination where, according to Unesco, “is one of the outstanding examples of the achievements of Persian architecture and a key monument in the development of its Islamic architecture.”  

Soars above the Qezel Owzan river, the Behestan castle is an ancient heritage from Sassanid era. Despite the vast erosion the Castle is still worth visiting. The Behestan castle is a nationally-recognized heritage of Iran. Before the castle you can also visit a strange-shaped tower called Doodkesh-e-Jen.

If you are a nature enthusiast and an adventurer, the Karale Khor cave system would be quite a journey for you. The six recorded levels of this extensive cave demands about one to two hour visit which would become one of your memorable experiences in Zanjan, Iran travel.

After an amazing exploration and adventure, experience a memorable greeting with kind people and wander in the traditional Bazaar of the city. The structure is built in Qajar architectural style and is long and narrow. Explore the Caravanserai, historical mosque and different teahouses and buy a variety of souvenirs from Zanjan artifacts.   

Located in the south-east of Soltaniyeh, this look-like an incomplete structure was built in Mongol era. The figure of Dragon resembles Chinese style. The temple is a combination of eastern and western Asian symbols. The most obvious evidence of this fusion is the Dragon symbol designed along with Islamic exquisite decorations.

Practical information

The climate varies in different parts of Zanjan, Iran. But the best time for Zanjan travel is from April until late June, when the weather is cool and pleasant. Traveling to Zanjan in Autumn and winter has its own pleasures. But remember to bring an extra layer if you choose the second half of the year to visit the city.

For visiting Zanjan, Iran, just grab your backpack, wear your trekking shoes and take your camera. Facilities are widely available in the city so no need to be worried. Just remember that visiting some attractions need private transport so it is highly recommended to travel with a tour.

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.

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