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Seasons & Holidays

Iran has four seasons; although, seasons are little different in climates depending on the province. 

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In spring time, Iran manifests a beautiful view, especially the green regions of Iran. Summer is a season that gives you the chance of tasting the most delicious and fresh fruits across Iran. Fall and winter differs slightly depending on the city you travel to. The southern cities are usually warm and moderate in winter and there is seldom any snow in those regions to be seen.

But, let’s go back o Iranian holidays! The first and most important holiday in Iran is Nowruz (New Year). This Eid which is also known as Nowruz is as old as Zoroaster in Persia. The Nowruz feast starts when the new season, Equinox starts- the spring moderation. In astrology, the equinox or spring moderation in northern hemisphere is a moment that sun passes the equator plane of the earth and moves to north part of sky. This moment, is the first moment of Aries (lamb) of Zodiac Tower which starts almost in the first 13 days of the year, starting on March 21st and are the New Year holiday for people. During this period, Banks open on 25th day of March and it is the period when traffic in roads is in its highest density.  Travelling and visiting relatives and friends is a custom followed by majority of people. 

The official holidays of Iran are as follows





Islamic Republic Day

13th of Farvardin (Sizda Be dar)

Demise of Khomeini

Uprising of 15 Khordad

Victory of 1977 Revolution

Nationalization of Oil Industry

March 21

March 22

March 23

March 24

Aril 1

April 2

June 4

June 5

February 11

March 20

However, public holidays are those which are declared in anniversary of a holy person or emergency conditions.

Ramadan is a month that Iranians fast to follow their Islamic ideology. This month is not a suitable time for tourism because it is not allowed to eat or drink in public.

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