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Located in the middle of the Mount Zagros, Lorestan province is mainly famous for its waterfalls. Yet Lorestan is a region where not only the unique, raw beauty fascinates any traveler, but also historical heritages have a lot to say.  

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Lorestan province is mainly famous for its waterfalls

6 Top Sights in Lorestan

  1. The Indelible Fortress

Shapur II, a Sassanid king, commanded to construct a city on his name on the west side of the Persian kingdom: a significant and prosperous one. At the center of the city, there were a fortified castle made of brock-stone and clay. The fortress had twelve ramparts under which a river flew called Golestan. Time passed, and after centuries, the city was ruined, but not the fortress. It still stands strong after all these years. Travel to Lorestan and visit this unmissable fortress now famous as Falak-Ol-Aflak.

  1. On the Way to a Waterfall

Stand in the middle of the mount Zagros, next to oak trees and tall peaks and close your eyes. On your east side, there are Kolah Kooh hills and Parian lake, on your east, stands the Ozgan mountain. Feel the gentle breeze on your skin and hear glorious music of the water. You are surrounded by lush, green plains, where lakes flow from the mountains and hand in hand with flowers joins the waterfall: a tall, roaring waterfall with a spectacular crown: this is the most famous waterfall of Lorestan province, the Bisheh waterfall.

  1. The beautiful Bride

In the east side of Lorestan province, on the hillsides of Oshtorankuh, in a tunnel in the heart of a rocky mountain, there is a wedding party! Juniper, with their roots in stones and rocks, and their branches to the sky, are the party’s decorations. The beauty and the great scent are because oak and Walnut trees, common fogs and Dog-roses. At the end of the road, the foggy scene adds a sense of mysterious happiness to the party. You may experience a tickling sensation by feeling the water drops on your body. The low roaring rivers whistle and run in the valley to announce the arrival of the bride. Water drops and white bubbles like small and light silver balls dance everywhere. The bride of this wedding is a waterfall called “sefid AAb” (white water). The waterfall is famous as the bride of Iran waterfalls since its white water reminds the beholder of the bride’s wedding dress.

  1. On The Top of Taf Peak!

According to myths, on the top of Taf peak you can find what human being is looking for centuries: The Elixir of youth and health. There are plenty of herbal remedies there and also the remedy for human souls healing. To reach the peak, one must pass through lush forests and leave behind a twisting road. Embrace the harsh path to see how your soul heals. Pass oak forests and sandy roads to get to the end of the path. The remedy for human health is right here: The Nozhian Waterfall. Visiting this waterfall, after experiencing an amazingly fascinating trekking is truly a feeling of healing and being young again.

  1. In the Vicinity of Madam Gazelle!

Khorramabad and Pol-e Dokhtar cities, Cheshmak and Afrineh rivers, the twisting Chul Hul valley and the roaring Kashgan river. Take the road where you hear these names. Pass plains and deserts and follow the water path. Go there where rocks pave the way for the crystal clear water to flow. In the vicinity of the Mount Gazelle, next to large, smooth cliffs, there lies one of the widest waterfalls of Iran: The Afrineh waterfall. Here, you will record unforgettable memories made of white water of the waterfall, floriated dress of spring and the glory of modesty of colorful rocks.  

  1. The 75th national heritage

On the higher part of a land with a pleasantly agreeable weather, lush with oak trees, seven revers flow from the heart of the Mount Zagros. The springs, whether small of big, pass through a green, spectacular road, water the roots of grapevines, spread the scent of hawthorns and join together near the valley to form an incredible waterfall. The higher part of the waterfall has a width of about 15m. the waterfall is called Gerit Waterfall. The locals call the waterfall by the name of “Taf of seven springs”. The Gerit is so beautifully spectacular that has earned a place in the list of national heritages of Iran.   


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