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Costs & Money
Costs & Money

To travel to Iran, the visitor must carry Iranian currency. First of all, if you need to change your money, there are many money exchange stores in Iran that do this for you.

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Before going through costs and expenses inside Iran, let us review the Iranian currency:

The currency of Iran is IR. Rials. Rial is the printed currency But, Tuman is the discussed currency which means every time you go shopping and generally every time you need to pay money, you will hear the price in Tumans. Many people may find Iranian currency confusing. But believe us it is not that much difficult. Remember a simple rule, Rial has an extra zero. So don’t feel confused if you see a lot of zeros on Iranian bills, just put your finger on the last zero and you’ll find out the price in Tumans. See the examples below:

2,000 Rials = 200 Tumans

50,000 Rials = 5000 Tumans

100,000 Rials = 10,000 Tumans

The coins currency in Iran: 50 Tumans, 100 Tumans, 200 Tumans and 500 Tumans

Bills: 100 Tumans, 200 Tumans, 500 Tumans, 1000 Tumans, 2000 Tumans, 5000 Tumans, 10,000 Tumans and 50,000 Tumans traveler checks that are used in exchanges.

200 Tumans  200 T                              500 Tumans500 T

1000 Tumans1000 T                            2000 Tumans2000 T

5000 Tumans5000 T                          10000 Tumans10000 T

Knowing the accommodation costs, cab fair and foods are the most important points that a tourist must know. The rate in accommodation depends on the type of the hotel and place you choose to stay. Of course, in holidays, the prices go higher. You may stay in a very ordinary accommodation with 100 thousand Tumans per night and the rate might be even 400 thousand Tumans per night which is the rate of a luxury hotel. The cab fair starts from 1000 Tumans depending on your distance. The restaurants and diners are rated as per the type of food and its quality. You may buy inexpensive sandwiches from cheap fast foods in the street, starting from 5000 Tumans and you might even dine in luxurious restaurants with expensive foods that cost you even 100 thousand Tumans per course.

Please note that you cannot use ATM cards, Credit Cards and Visa MasterCard in Iran. So make sure to bring enough cash. Don’t worry if you have Dollars with you. There are many Money exchange stores in Iran that exchange currency for you. Use the registered Currency exchange stores.



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