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Darreh Khazineh (Lorestan Povince)
Darreh Khazineh (Lorestan Povince)

Bestowing an intact province, Lorestan province is the home of a plenty of waterfalls, rivers and mountains. But, Darreh Khazineh and Shiraz canyon have definitely a special place in the list of the top highlights of Lorestan province.

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Where is Darreh Khazineh?

Located in a village known as Darreh Khazineh, the place is indeed a valley near Andimeshk. But on the way to reach this area, keep an eye for visiting a great canyon too. Situated at the intersection of three provinces of Iran, Shiraz canyon has a length of about five kilometers. The canyon is in Kuhdasht, near the Seimare, a branch of the Karkheh river   

Darreh Khazineh has definitely a special place in the list of the top highlights of Lorestan province

Why to visit Darreh Khazineh?

Here you can see the haunting architecture of the nature. Besides, the Karkheh river streams in the Darreh Khazineh which adds more beauty to the scene. The forms on the rocks are shaped during a long time. But Darreh Khazineh is not the only incredible attraction in this area. It is said that rocks and walls of the Shiraz canyon are shaped during thousands of years. The least height of the walls is only ten meters. But as you proceed, the walls become higher and closer. In some parts walls are so close together that you cannot see the sky.   

Top Sights in Darreh Khazineh

Darreh Khazineh is indeed a village in the Lorestan province in Iran. The literal meaning of this word is a valley (Darreh). The most significant feature of the valley is the stream of the Karkheh river which flows in the heart of Darreh Khazineh. There are plenty of spectacular natural forms shaped on the walls by erosion. The landscape of the river in a beautiful, tall valley in the composition of these fragile forms and patterns makes the area a top destination in any tourist’s list.  

Known as the Grand Canyon of Iran, the Shiraz located near Kuhdasht. The erosion stages one of its greatest drama in this area. Tall walls and beautifully eroded soil make this canyon amazing and spectacular. The combination of landscape of sharp rocks and verdant scenes of trees in the canyon is unique. This geological phenomenon is a must-see for any nature enthusiast.  

Lorestan province is the land of waterfalls. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in this province is known as bird waterfall. The reason behind this name is that there are some places between the rocks of the waterfall that birds can build their nests.

Having a length of about one hundred and fifty meters, the Bridge of God is indeed a cave. There streams a river in the middle if the cave and it is known as the Bridge of God among locals. The river Is deep and you are likely to be become wet in the cave. But it is worth to take the adventurous experience of a journey through this amazing cave.  

Practical information

The area an all-round year destination. But the best time for a visit is in spring and in autumn.    

An extra layer is the most important thing to be remembered in this travel. Also wear your trekking shoes and keep your stuff in waterproof containers. You may need a headlamp in the cave and note that the mobile network is not covered neither in the canyon nor in the cave.   

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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