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Khuzestan Province (Shevi Waterfall)
Khuzestan Province (Shevi Waterfall)

Considered to be one of the tallest and largest waterfalls of the middle east, the Shevi waterfall in a must-see destination for any traveler and tourist.

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Where is Khuzestan Province (Shevi Waterfall)?

To visit this amazing waterfall, go to Khuzestan province and the city of Dezful. Locating between the mount Zagros and the Dez river, Dezful is a plain with plenty of natural and historical attractions. The Shevi waterfall in near this city.

Be prepared for an amazing adventure in khuzestan province

Why to visit Khuzestan Province (Shevi Waterfall)?

Considered to be one of the tallest and largest waterfalls of the middle east, the Shevi waterfall in a must-see destination for any traveler and tourist. From the adventure of trekking in a wide, deep valley to the pleasure of boat riding on the Dez river, you will experience the magic of the nature.

Top Sights in Khuzestan Province (Shevi Waterfall)

To reach the area where the Shevi waterfall is located, you will pass through a mountainous road. Passing the twisting, winding road worth since a treasure is situated behind it. As you proceed, you hear the sound of the water and the humidity gets higher. Seeing the waterfall will excite you. The waterfall flows from a high mountain and is long and wide. The terraced pools are great for swimming. With a little luck, you will be able to spot the Kaiser's spotted newt in this region.

Located between the mount Zagros and the Dez lake, the Pamenar village is near the city of Dezful. A vast variety of flora and fauna are the main attraction of this area. Apart from this, you can enjoy riding boat on the lake and watching landscapes of high Zagros and spectacular palm trees. The clay-made houses of the village and its traditional architecture are eye-catching.

Be prepared for an amazing adventure. To get the most out of your journey to Koul Khersan, check the weather and travel with guides. The twisting valley is calm and mysterious. Here you can see a plant known as Adiantum capillus-veneris. On the way, the walls will be so close together that you hardly will be able to see the sky. As you proceed, the water becomes deeper and deeper until you reach the Dez river.  

Practical information

The best time to visit the Khuzestan province and Shevi waterfall is in spring and autumn. But it is wise to check the weather forecast. In some days of the year, the rain may be severe and passing through the Koul Khersan valley would not be possible.    

Wear your trekking shoes. Sunscreen, sun lotion and sunglasses are needed.  

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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