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Mazandaran Province (Birdwatching)
Mazandaran Province (Birdwatching)

Situated on the southeast of the Caspian Sea, Miankaleh peninsula is a utopia for birdwatching enthusiasts. The wetland is located as a border between the Gorgan Bay and the Caspian Sea and is a perfect habitat for a vast variety of bird species.  

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Where is Mazandaran Province?

As the hot climate of the summer goes, and the temperature drops and the weather gets cool, flocks of birds migrate to this area from different parts of the world. Miankaleh is a peninsula and wetland in the Mazandaran province. The best way to reach this place is through the road of the city of Sari. Choosing this road has the advantage of having the chance to visit another spectacular attraction known as Dasht-e Naz. Remember that you need a permission in order to enter the Miankaleh wetland, so it would be wise to travel with a tour.  

The Miankaleh peninsula is a habitat for migratory birds.

Why to visit Mazandaran Province?

The Miankaleh peninsula is a habitat for migratory birds. Every year, scarce species migrate to this place and this provides a great opportunity for birdwatching. Apart from birdwatching, the nature in Miankaleh is also haunting. The wetland is near a verdant plain called Dash-e-Naz and Abbas Abad complex.

Top Sights in for Birdwatching in Mazandaran province

Before starting birdwatching, keep an eye for a visit to this lush plain. Here you will be astonished by seeing the Persian fallow deer. Unfortunately, this specie is endangered.  

As far as your eye can see, there is only the color of blue in the Miankaleh wetland. Mountains stand gloriously in the landscape and birds sit on the water here and fly in the sky there. The dreamy scene is like a painting. Now get prepared and get to this spectacular canvas. It is exciting to watch species such as flamingo, white-headed duck, goose and merganser. The place is also an ideal habitat for aquatic species, including fish like Carp, Mullet and Caviar.

Contrary to the majority of the Persian gardens which are located in deserts and arid regions, the Abbas Abad complex is built on the foot of the Mt. Alborz. Architects and artisans of the Safavid dynasty, have constructed this multi-story and mansion on the hillside. The paved way and the symmetry of the garden are of other significant characteristics.  

Practical information

Here is an all-round destination. In the spring, the nature stages her greatest drama. But if you intend to travel for birdwatching, autumn and winter are best choices, in particular, winter. Remember to wake up early for getting the most of your birdwatching.     

Having some information on birdwatching before starting the trip would be wise. Also, it is better to travel with a guide. Do not get too close to birds and use a camera for watching. Keeping silent and wearing special cloth are of the basic rules for birdwatching.

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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