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Little Africa in Iran
Little Africa in Iran

Kavir National Park is known as Little Africa in Iran which consists of various animal species in Semnan province.

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Kavir National Park is one of the largest and oldest protected area in Iran, located in Garmsar and some small sections of this area located in Tehran, Qom, and Isfahan. Kavir National Park has an area of 670 thousand hectares, which divided into the national park with an area of 420 thousand hectares and the protected area with 250 thousand hectares. This region contained various animal species, called the Little Africa of Iran. If you want to visit one of the nine nature reserves of Iran, hurry, it’s time to go for this adventure. Kavir National Park is the only national park in Iran that has no human habitat, Mining, and livestock grazing.

Kavir National Park



Garmsar is located in Semnan Province. Due to the dry and hot climate of Semnan province, suggest you visit Kavir National Park during the spring.


2019-10-23 | by Niloofar Gerami
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