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There are different classes of hotels and accommodation in Iran and like any other countries in the world, each hotel provides you with specific range of services according to their prices. 

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There are cheap hotels that are usually called “Mosafer khaneh” provide services to the guests by observing the standards of  one-star hotel and as the number of stars goes up, the hotel provides the guests with higher quality services.


The Iranian hotels are divided into modern, traditional and cliff hotels in the heart of mountains. Ordinarily, the traditional hotels are built in Old Iranian traditional architecture styles with traditional restaurants. The cliff hotels, such as Meymand and Kandovan have developed rooms in the chest of the mountain for accommodation of climbers and their unique atmosphere is very interesting for the guests.

Kandovan Hotel

There are Caravanserais, Mazifs and local houses which are local accommodations that provide visitors with close touch with local life. The most famous caravanserais in Iran are Barandaz Tabaabaei Caravanserai and Jondogh in Mesr village (Kavir Mesr- Mesr Desert).

In our tours, the tourists have a variety of choices and we work with many hotels in any quality and level.

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rahul singh negi
Great post, very informative!
Thanks for sharing this helpful info.
Dalahoo replied 2023/05/12
Dear Rahul, Thank you for your comment.
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