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Iranian Nomads (14 Days)
Iranian Nomads (14 Days)
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Want to see Iran nomads? Interested in meeting local people? If you are looking for a defferent travel to Iran, join our 14 day Iran nomads tour. This as an adventure tour, your are going to stay in local houses of nomads, experience their daily life, make bread with them, eat traditional foods, enjoy the beautiful nature of Iran and know Iranian culture better. With our tour plan you can see both historic sites and wonderful landscapes of Iran. you visit Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System and Chogha Zanbil (Zigurat), both are UNESCO world heritages sites of Iran. after staying with nomads we travel to Shiraz to visit Persepolis and Naqsh-e-Rostam. Midnight transfer to Airport and you fly back to homeland.


Iranian Nomads

Day 1
Arrive in Tehran. Welcoming by our representative who holds the sign of your name. Transfer to the hotel and take rest. 
(Overnight Tehran)
Day 2
Full day Tehran city tour to know Iranian culture and behavior including: Archeological National Museum, Golestan Palace (One of Iran's UNESCO World Heritages), Old Bazzar of Tehran, Having dinner in Milad Tower and visiting it.
(Overnight Tehran)
Day 3
We will start early in the morning toward to Khuzestan province, on the way visit Falak Aflak  fort. We will pass few cities, as Arak, Khoram Abad and Dezful. We will accommodate in Shushtar in traditional hotel Sarabi.
(Overnight Shoushtar)
Day 4
After breakfast visit Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System and Chogha Zanbil (Zigurat). After our visit we will go to Lali and home stay with nomads.
Day 5
Today we will have Excursion around Lali and visit nomads and stay with them at the night (staying in Siah Chador if it is possible).
Day 6
Keveshk Island
We will drive to Masjed Soleyman city and Andika area to visit local people and nomads in this area. We will have our visit and walking time in this beautiful nature and landscape. Overnight in local houses or in Karun dam’s island.
(Overnight Keveshk Island)
Day 7
This day we have free days to visit villages in this area and get closer to the daily life of it.
Day 8
We will have whole day driving to Behbahan, Gachsaran, and Kazeroon.
(Overnight Kazeroon)
Day 9
We will drive to Farashband and Firuz Abad cities to find nomads and we will stay with them. Note: our plan is to stay with nomads’ family that we find on our way.
Day 10
This day we will have free time to enjoy and visit this area and stay there.
Day 11
This day we will have free time to enjoy and visit this area and stay there.
Day 12
Early in the morning drive to Shiraz. Today we will visit Persepolis and Naqsh-e-Rostam and back toShiraz.
(Overnight Shiraz)
Day 13
Free time in Shiraz.
Day 14
Midnight transfer to Airport and fly back to homeland.


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