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Hush! This is the Tower of silence
Hush! This is the Tower of silence

How much do you know about Iranian funerals in the past? What about Zoroastrians funeral? In Yazd, you have the chance to visit Towers of silence: historical mysterious places.

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Strange name, isn’t it?

If you are willing to visit Iran, you may have heard of Yazd and its attractions like Old Town, Jame mosque, Amir Chakhmaq complex and Dowlat Abad Garden. But how about Towers of silence?

In the Zoroastrian tradition, once a body ceases to live, it can immediately be contaminated by demons and made impure. To prevent this infiltration, Zoroastrians purified the dead body by exposing it to the elements and local fowl on top of flat-topped towers in the desert like somewhere in Yazd. Tower of Silence or Dakhma are the most amazing monuments in Yazd.

This place is one of very especial place that tell the story of the ancient culture of the zorasterian people

How to get here?

Towers of silence located in Shahidan Ashraft St. Saffaiyeh in Yazd. You can go there with a tour or get a taxi. Both of them are available and it’s very close to Yazd itself. We recommend you to visit this place with a tour guide to know more about it.

Stay Strong! It’s worth it
Tower of silence is at the top of the mount and you can climb up a steep and uneven set of stairs. It is worth to climb and if it seems a bit difficult, just take your time. The view from the top of Yazd and the surrounding mountains are spectacular. If you go during the day do wear a hat and take some water.

When to Visit the Tower of Silence?

From 8 A.M to sunset is the best time to go. 

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