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Visit one of the largest cities in Iran. As a center of copper, ancient carpet and pistachio production, Kerman has a lot to offer. The rich culture and history of the city along with its haunting natural attractiveness add a unique taste to your trip.

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Located in the southeastern Iran, Kerman is one of the major destinations of tourists from all over the world. Travel to the center of Persian carpet to realize from where all this magic come. Lies on the edge of the Lut desert, Kerman offers both natural and historical beauties. Review the history of Iranian architecture in Ganj Ali Khan complex and meet the glory of mankind’s ideas in Moayedi Yakhdan (ice house). Visit Kerman and enjoy a memorable trip as peaceful reddish brown as copper and as fresh green as pistachio. 

Kerman is one of the major destinations of tourists from all over the world

What’s included:

*Please note that optional activities (Including a visit to Arge-e-Bam and Mahan Gaden) are available at an extra cost.

Reasons to visit Kerman:

Note: Tour itineraries are subject to change due to weather or other environmental conditions.

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