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Kaluts (Lut Desert)
Kaluts (Lut Desert)

Travel to this large desert to see how professional is the architect of the nature. Do not hesitate to visit this haunting, UNESCO-recognized world heritage phenomenon.  

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Where are the Kaluts?

Located in the south-east of Iran, the Kaluts are geological phenomena appearing in the Lut Desert. Near a city called Shahdad and in the middle of the Lut desert you will experience something strange: enjoy the magic of the nature.

Kaluts are geological phenomena appearing in the Lut Desert

Why to visit the Kaluts?

The arid subtropical area of Lut desert and Shahdad, in Kerman province, is the site where these natural astonishments occur. The Kaluts are recognized in UNESCO’s world heritage list. According to UNESCO, “the site presents some of the most spectacular examples of Aeolian yarding landforms (massive corrugated ridges). It also contains extensive stony deserts and dune fields. The property represents an exceptional example of ongoing geological processes.”

Top Sights in the Lut Desert (Dasht-e-Lut)

Pass a few kilometers from Shahdad to visit an amazing natural structure called Nebka. Nebkas are geological phenomena produced by wind erosion, a kind of sand dune mostly form around vegetation. Some of these Nebkas are shaped around trees and fixed. The appearance of these Nebkas, which is like a vase around a tree, is where the meaning of their name come from.

As mentioned, a kalut is the child of wind erosion in sand and dust. The Lut desert, somewhere near Shahdad City, is one of the best sites to see this astounding structure. At the first glance, you may assume these Kaluts are handmade structures, as they are artistically built. But they are sculpted by wind erosion. To reach the dunes it is highly recommended to do a tour.

Practical information

The best time to travel to arid areas is always in the second half of the year. When the weather is getting cooler in autumn the high season for visiting deserts come across. Though the spring can be a good choice too. But do not visit this place by day in summer because of the unbearable rise in temperature.

The temperature may drop at night and soon in the morning. So, warm cloths will be necessary. Wear trekking shoes. Do not forget your sunglasses and remember to take your camera if you would like to record your trip to this adventurous destination.  

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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