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Varzaneh (Iran Deserts)
Varzaneh (Iran Deserts)

Located in the southeast of Isfahan, Varzaneh is considered to be one of the most spectacular deserts in Iran. Travel to Varzaneh to comprehend the haunting glory of the starry sky at night.

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Where is Varzaneh?

The spectacular, fascinating sand dunes are aculpted by the wind erosion and form pyramid, Crescent, and other shapes. This is why the Varzanh or Khara desert is unique among deserts of Iran.   

Varzaneh is considered to be one of the most spectacular deserts in Iran

Why to visit Varzaneh?

The calm sandy desert is such relaxing that the wind blowing is the only sound one may hear. Listen to this natural music, walk on the sands and feel the wonderful sense of living on the earth, lay on them and watch the glory of the sky. Contrary to other arid desert areas, such as Mesr and Maranjab, vegetation can be found in Varzaneh or Khara, this is because of the Gavkhuni Wetland nearby.

Top Sights in Varzaneh

An interesting tradition is held in Varzaneh city: women and girls wear white Hijab, instead of black and this is why the city is famous as a city in white.

In not really old times, when water pumping came about, locals had invented an amazing way to get water from wells. In recent years, an old man has reconstructed one of these wells and has turned it into a tourist attraction.

In old times, Zoroastrians lived in this city and this is why there are a lot of fire temples here. it is said the Varzaneh mosque is built on the ruins of an ancient fire temple. The mosque is designed in Timurid architecture style which is best represented in the exquisite tile works of the mosque.

This is the last bridge constructed on the beautiful Zayanderud river. The bridge is built of bricks and rocks. It is a national-recognized structure.

The majority of citadels in Iran are fortresses. But this one is a residential one and this is the reason of its uniqueness.

Near the citadel, an appealing structure built with clay may catch your attention. The main part of the building is held on twelve Columns and there are holes for the entering for doves. The interesting thing about this dovecote is its survival during all these years.  

Practical information

The best time to travel to arid areas is always in the second half of the year. Soon in the spring or the beginning of the autumn is an ideal choice to visit Varzaneh of Khara desert. The weather is pleasant and cool during this time and you can make the best out of your trip.

Do not forget to bring the camera with you in this trip. Recording the moments of walking on the sand would remind you of a fascinating trip all the time. But be careful as the dunes may harm the camera. Wear trekking shoes but light clothes. As the temperature may drop at night in the cold season, having some warm clothes is a good idea.  

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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