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Maranjab (Iran Deserts)
Maranjab (Iran Deserts)

At the top of the list of Iran deserts, Maranjab is one of the best places to meet a spectacular desert. No matter you are an adventurer or a peace advocate, this place suits every taste.

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Where is Maranjab?

Located in the Isfahan province, Kashan city, Maranhab is in the north side of Aran Bidgol city. The name originally belongs to a Caravanserai and a Qanat dated back to Safavid era. There are different ways to reach the desert. The best one is from the road of Kashan city. The sand path from the Aran Bidgol is where you can go to the desert. Since you need to be familiar with the area, it is highly recommended to do the trip with a tour.

No matter you are an adventurer or a peace advocate, Maranjab suits every taste

Why to visit Maranjab?

Maranjab is where once was called the silk road. The area was the link between Khorassan province to Isfahan province. Contrary to other arid, deserts of Iran, the climate here makes possible an ideal habitat for Flora and fauna. Vegetation and animals find enough food here. some species like foxes, cats, Chameleons, eagles or Hawk can live here. also some vegetation can be seen in the desert including Tamarix, Haloxylon and Smirnovia iranica, to name some. The combination of the peaceful characteristic of Sand dunes and the fresh sprite of trees is the reason of attraction of Maranjab for tourists. This incredible beauty is completed with a shiny Salt Lake and a starry night sky. Visiting Maranjab desert will make a memorable trip in your life.

Top Sights in Maranjab

From the begging of the sand road to the Abbasid Caravanserai at the end of the path is about 40 kilometers drive. The caravanserai was once where travelers and merchants stray in their journeys on the silk road. Visit here to listen to stories of the history.  

On the way to the desert, you will see an appealing lake with its bright shiny dress made of salt crystals. Look at the surface to see how salt forms beautiful hexagonal shapes here. as the lake is too salty it does not evaporate in the summer of freeze in the winter.

The island is where Optical illusion gives birth to spectacular beauty. This short hill is covered with a white salt layer. there is no vegetation here. and a cloud of dust causes the illusion and make you think it is an island. This is why it is called Sargardan which means Wandering!

Practical information

The best time to travel to deserts is the second half of the year. From the middle of the autumn until late in the spring is a good choice. Remember that the temperature may dramatically rise in the summer, though the area is still spectacular.

As the Maranjab desert is a known area among tourists, the facilities are available here. so just grab your trekking shoes and be prepared for an adventurous journey. Remember that the temperature may drop a little at night so it is a good idea to bring an extra layer.

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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