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Ali Sadr cave system
Ali Sadr cave system

Explore this marvelous river-cave on a paddle boat to find a treasure in the heart of a marvelous darkness. Located in the Hamadan city, Ali Sadr cave system is a destination where you can feel the adventure next to the beauty.

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Where is Ali Sadr?

Two thousand and one hundred above from the sea level, Ali Sadr river-cave is located in the Kabudarahang city in Hamadan province. To visit the cave, you need a drive from Tehran to Hamadan to the Ali Sadr village. Exploring the cave is by paddle boats and walking across subterranean islands.  

Ali Sadr is one of the longest river-cave systems in the world 

Why to visit Ali Sadr?

Ali Sadr is one of the longest river-cave systems in the world, but so significantly fascinating that you will not feel the time passing. Every minute in the cave you will see something new and looking at this deep, appealing beauty on a boat make the trip unique and memorable. There is only a small number of cave systems similar to Ali Sadr including Buchan in Australia. The water is so pure that the inside can be seen in the depth of 10 meters with the normal light. The origin of the water is underwater springs. The Ali Sadr cave has been recognized as a national natural heritage of Iran in 1999. 

Top Sights in Ali Sadr

Appear in a variety of forms and shapes, stalagmites will haunt any beholder and make your magical journey on the boat more memorable.

One of the pleasant aspects of the Ali Sadr cave is the clear, lucid water of the river. The agreeable atmosphere and the nice weather in the cave may surprise you as it is different from whatever idea you may have about caves. Here you will not be in a dark cave, hard to explore. On the contrary, facilities like boats and fascinating lighting turn it into a place where you can have an original caving experience.

Practical information

Having cool summers and warm winters, the Ali Sadr cave is a destination for all year round. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a clean, nice weather with a moderate temperature, do not hesitate to travel to Hamadan and visit the Ali Sadr cave.

As there are enough facilities for tourists, you do not need much equipment. But typically caves are below 20C, so have more than one layer.

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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