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Rudkhan Castle (Qal'eh Rudkhan)
Rudkhan Castle (Qal'eh Rudkhan)

Discover the largest brick castle of Iran: Located in Gilan province, the Rudkhan castle is a walled fortress soaring above forests of Fuman city. Take a journey here to experience a real adventure into the sky!

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Where is Rudkhan Castle?

In the north of Iran, about 25 kilometers to the southwest side of Fuman, there is a place where you can meet the unity of the nature and the man. The city of Fuman is just a four-hour ride from Tehran; About 20 minutes in an alluring path in lush forests, and suddenly you will meet this incredible castle (Qa’leh). The Rudkhan Castle is built on the top of hills in the middle of Fuman forests. To reach the castle you have to climb about one thousand steps!

In Rudkhan Castle you can meet the unity of the nature and the man

Why to visit Rudkhan Castle?

Many travelers may have heard about Iran castles, many of which has destroyed. The Rudkhan castle, on the contrary, has survived through the history, partly due the fine quality of its materials and partly because of the forest area in which it is located. With walls up to 500 Meters height and 65 battlements, the Rudkhan castle is an outstanding testament of the achievements of Persian architecture.    

Top Sights in Rudkhan Castle

The beauty of the journey starts from the road. As you get on the direct way of the Fuman, you will see dreamy landscapes with different species of trees. When the pleasure of watching green forest views couples with the adventure of climbing one thousand steps one of the most memorable trips of every traveler will be recorded, the one which one will realize was worth a shot as it picks with an incredible feeling of standing on a high hill in an extravagant fortress.   

On the way to the castle you will meet friendly locals with traditional costumes and crafts. Greet them and continue the path to reach the alluring wooden door of the Rudkhan castle. The castle is covered under a layer of fog, in the most days of the year, a situation where you may imagine as yourself acting in one of those Walt Disney productions. Pass the gate and explore the castle to discover a magical place constructed in the Sassanid era.

Practical information for Rudkhan Castle Travel

The best time to visit Rudkhan castle is in the first half of the year. The Castle is also spectacular in the autumn and winter, but as the number of steps is great you may not be able to make the most of your trip.

For visiting Rudkhan Castle, wear trekking shoes and light cloth. A one-day backpack would be enough as there are plenty of facilities on the way. If you are keen on taking photographs of amazing landscapes, do not forget to bring your camera.

SPECIAL NOTE: since the whole way to the castle and back take about 4 to 5 hours, you have to be fully prepared for climbing too many steps. The elderlies, and people with knee joint pains are recommended not to take this trip.  

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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