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Once the capital of the Persian Empire, Qazvin is known as the capital of calligraphy of Iran. But art is just one of its many attractions. From haunting structures of architecture to delicate, exquisite patterns of carpets, the city has a lot to share with every traveler.

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Where is Qazvin?

Located in northwest Tehran, traveling to Qazvin province is not hard at all. Just a passionate traveler with a map is needed. Hop in the car and head to the northwest side of tis cute cat! The capital of Safavid dynasty is just 130km away.

The Tehran gate was built in Qajar era  

Why to visit Qazvin?

The home of Mir Emad Qazvini, the most famous calligrapher of the city, Qazvin was once selected as the capital of the Persian empire by Shah Tahmasb. Since then, the city has been developed and every king and authority left his footprint on the history of the city. Historic buildings, cisterns and gates along with a rich culture and a variety of cuisines are all incredible emblems of the life of Qazvin city.   

Top Sights in Qazvin

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