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Travel through the path of dreams. Traveling to Arasbaran is a journey into scenery attraction of nature. Feel adventure on a twisting road and listen to the ear-catching melody of nature.  

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Where is Arasbaran?

Located on the border of Iran with The Armenia and Ajerbaijan, Arasbaran is situated in the East Azerbaijan of Iran. To reach the area, you have to take the Tehran-Tabriz road head to the Ahar city. After passing this city, you will reach the Kaleybar which is located on the southeast of the Arasbaran protected area. 

Traveling to Arasbaran is a journey into scenery attraction of nature

Why to visit Arasbaran?

Listed as a wildlife refuge by Unesco since 1976, the Arasbaran protected area is best significant for its precious, rich flora and fauna. The Arasbaran protected area has earned a place in the Unesco’s tentative list since, “in addition to rich flora, the presence of some endemic plant species and fauna, there are long leaved trees such as Juniperus foetidissima and endangered species such as Taxus baccata in the area.” But, apart from rich natural diversities, Arasbaran has also an important role in the history due its cultural and archaeological sites such as Babak Fort and Saint saint stepanos monastery and church.

Top Sights in Arasbaran

Considered as the Hyrcanian forests, the Arasbaran national park is a heaven for those who are passionate about the nature. So, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, and of course patient enough, you are going to have amazingly unique species here. Arasbaran national park is said to include about 220 bird species, 38 reptile species, 5 amphibian species, 22 fish and 48 mammal species. Arasbaran forests are similar to forests of Caspian and black sea but their difference is that they include oak and Hornbeam tress instead of Beech, Alder and pine trees. The vegetation diversity of the area is also vast. Traveling to this national park, remember to ask about a really interesting flower which is famous in this area, the story of which is incredibly fascinating. 

Flowing from Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, the Aras river originates from Lesser Caucasus mountains. The total length of Aras river is more than one thousand kilometers and it is said to be named after a great grandson of an Armenian legendary. Travel to this area and see how the river bears elegantly the majesty of this legendary character.  

Considered as one of the famous historical fortresses of Iran, the Babak Fort Worth the difficult path travelers have to pass in order to reach it. Once the fort flaunts before your eyes, you will comprehend the reward of being patient and strong on the way of reaching a goal. There are seven rooms in the main hall of this three stray fort. Remember to bring your camera as you are going to see amazingly spectacular landscapes from above the Babak fort.  

Experiencing the nomadic lifestyle can be one of the best ways for getting familiar with culture and tradition of these people. Karadagh nomads are friendly people you would not feel bored talk to. Trying the traditional cuisines is a must tasty adventure!

One of the popular places among locals. The Asiyab Kharadeh waterfall is also an alluring attraction for tourist. The waterfall flows from Kiamaki mountains, one of the highest in the region. The sound of the roaring waterfall in the heart of lush forests invites any traveler into this incredibly spectacular scene.

Earned the place of second significant church in the area after the St. Thaddeus Monastery, the St. Stepanos Monastery is one of the reasons many tourists travel to the Aras river region. The climate in the first half of the year is pleasantly agreeable here and the monastery is situated in a lush valley surrounded by tall trees. The monastery along with two other has earned a place in the Unesco’s world heritage list as “The Armenian Monastic Ensembles in Iran.”

Built originally by people who dwelled in the area for protection from Mongols attacks, Kandovan is a cliff, human-made village. The strangely alluring look of the village attracts thousands of travelers every year. The Kandovan village has earned a place in the Iran national heritage’s list. 

Practical information

Since Arasbaran is a high mountainous area, it is considered as one of the best summer destinations. Therefore, if you are looking for a cool, agreeable summer choose Arasbaran as your trip destination. The best time for visiting Arasbaran is from May until September.  

For traveling to Arasbaran you will definitely need your trekking shoes. A one-day backpack, personal equipment and warm cloth are also needed. Since the temperature may drop a little, bring a windproof and an extra layer.  

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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