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St. Thaddeus church (Iran Azerbaijan)
St. Thaddeus church (Iran Azerbaijan)

Earned a place as the 9th historic site of Iran in the Unesco’s world heritage list, St. Thaddeus church is said to be among the first churches built in Christianity’s world.

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Where is St. Thaddeus church?

Remember this place: West Azerbaijan of Iran. The province is where you can visit the St. Thaddeus church and many other attractions. The area is accessible through Tabriz and Urmia road. The first top point of this trip is located about 20 km northwest of Chaldiran: St. Thaddeus church. The end point of the trip would be a lake called Dalamper, though the beauty and attraction of Iran west Azerbaijan gobeyond.

St. Thaddeus church is said to be among the first churches built in Christianity’s world

Why to visit St. Thaddeus church (Iran Azerbaijan)?

Earned a place as the 9th historic site of Iran in the Unesco’s world heritage list, the St. Thaddeus church is said to be among the first churches built in Christianity’s world. The unique and distinctive architecture of the church catches any beholder’s attention. St. Thaddeus church is surrounded by mountains and there is also a river nearby. What will make the visit to this area even more special is a lake known as Dalamper. The lake is located somewhere between the boundary of Iran and Iraq. The verdant plains and the alluring nature here make it a spectacular, appealing attraction for tourists. The Dalamper lake is indeed situated at the foot of a mountain with the same name, one of the amazing characteristic of which is having snow tunnels, shapes naturally by the flow of water.

Top Sights in Iran Azerbaijan

Considered to be one of the most significant churches in Iran, the St. Thaddeus church is located in a very high place in the west Azerbaijan of Iran. It is hard not to be attracted by the gloriously unique architectural style of the church. Every summer, an important three-day ritual is held in this area which makes the church even more significant. Do not hesitate to have a visit to this notable thrived Christian monument in Iran.

Located not far from a village known as Baaron, the St. Mary church is the second oldest church in the world, according to some narratives. The church belongs to Sasanian era. There are plenty of amazing stories about the church which worth to hear.

One of the highlights of traveling to this area is a visit to the Chaldiran plain. Here is that famous place where the battle between Ismail, the ruler of the Safavid dynasty, and Sultan Salim, the Ottoman emperor, held.

After saying goodbye to the churches and before being prepared to meet the glory of the nature, stop a moment and add some cultural spice to your journey by having a visit to the monument of Shams Tabrizi, the spiritual instructor of the famous poet Rumi.  

Earning a special place among nature enthusiasts, the Dalamper is a seasonal lake with a height of two thousand meters from the sea level. The lake is shaped specifically in the spring and summer at the foot of a mountain with the same name.    

Practical information

With regard to the geographical situation of the area, the best time to travel to Azerbaijan of Iran is spring and the beginning of summer. This time is also perfect for visiting St. Thaddeus church, but remember that non-Christians are not allowed to enter the church at the time of rituals.

The most essential equipment to bring in this trip are trekking shoes. It is highly recommended to bring a wind coat and be prepared for walking and trekking. As you will have a visit to a lake, it is wise to have an extra layer in case your cloth of getting wet.

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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