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Visit the turquoise gem of the Mount. Zagros: The Gahar Lake. Here, you see the blue sky in peace with the blue lake. The wind blows calmly and the birds sing beautifully. Hesitating in visiting this spectacular area would be a loss!

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Where is Gahar?

Lied on the southern wall of the Oshtoran Kuh, the haunting Gahar lake enchants any traveler. Gahar lake is one of the larges sweet water lakes of Iran. To reach the lake, you have to go to the Lorestan province and take the Dorud road, the nearest one to the beautiful Gahar.

Hesitating in visiting the spectacular Gahar lake would be a loss

Why to visit Gahar?

One of the most beautiful lakes in Iran, the Gahar lake is about 1.5km long with a depth of 28m. The lake is located in the Oshtorankuh protected area. The nature is tentatively alluring here, particularly in spring and summer. It has been said that the lake is formed as a result of some geological changes. The Gahar lake is a perfectly ideal habitat for aquatics and wildlife. Remember to ask about the meaning of the lake when travel here!

Top Sights in Gahar

Located in the lower part of the area, the greater lake is divided into two parts: sandy and rocky. The sandy area is an ideal place for camping. Imagine a night stand next to an incredible, calm lake, spend with beautiful, cute sounds of frogs and a morning to wake up with a music composed by birds and a scenery landscape painted by the sun rising from behind glorious mountains. If you want to make the most out of your trip, it is highly recommended to book a tour to travel with professionals who are familiar with the area and know the locals.

Situated near the great lake, there lies another lake known as the small Gahar Lake. The lake is surrounded by sturdy willow trees which you will pass through on your way to the lake. Rest near the lake and enjoy the agreeable atmosphere spiced by the beautiful scene of fish playing in the crystal clear water of the lake.  

Situated in the road to Gahar lake, the valley is a perfect place for nature enthusiast. You can experience an amazingly adventurous trekking in the valley.  

Practical information

The best time to travel to Gahar lake is from the end of spring until the end of summer, since the climate is agreeable and the nature is lush and attractive. In the cold weather the lake is covered with a thick layer of ice and make a dreamy scene. However, the temperature will drop so that camping would not be possible. Trekking is also not recommended at this time, unless you are a professional mountaineer.  

Since the Gahar lake is located in a mountainous area, you will definitely need your trekking shoes in this journey. Travel with enough equipment if you want to experience mountain climbing. Traveling in the summer may need different kind of equipments such as walking sandals. The mobile network may not be covered here and it is recommended to bring a portable power bank.  

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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