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Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan (9 Days)
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With our 9 day tour to Iran you will see the most visited cities in Iran, including Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz. We start the journey from Tehran. We visit Milad Tower, the sixth tallest tower in the world and Azadi Tower, the symbol of Tehran. Later we travel to Shiraz, one of the most beautiful cities of Iran, Yazd and Isfahan. Shiraz has many attractions. We visit Karim khan Arg complex, Narenjestan Garden, Nasirolmolk Mosque and Eram Garden. Later we visit Yazd, known as "The city of windcatchers" and "the city of bicycles". Yazd in best known for its  Zoroastrian fire temples and Qanats, So make your self ready, you are about to see a wonderful historic city! After visiting Yazd, we will go to Isfahan, named as "Half of the world" to see the beautiful Naqshe Jahan square, Jameh Mosque of Isfahan and Vank Cathedral.


Classic Tour
Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan (9 Days)
Day 1
Arrive in Tehran.Welcoming by our representative who holds the sign of your name. Transfer to the hotel and take rest. 
(Overnight Tehran)
Day 2
Visit Milad Tower & Azadi Tower (Outside). Fly to Shiraz. Welcoming by our representative in Shiraz who holds  the sign of your name. Shiraz city tour including Bazaar-e-Vakil, Mausoleum of poets Hafez & Saadi.
(Overnight Shiraz)
Day 3
Shiraz city tour including Karim khan Arg complex, Narenjestan Garden, Nasirolmolk Mosque, Eram Garden, Quran Gate, Shah-e-Cheragh.
(Overnight Shiraz)
Day 4
In the morning drive to visit Persepolis one of Iran's UNESCO World Heritage Site (Shiraz-Persepolis: 55km). Then visiting Necropolis of Naghsh-e-Rostam.
After visiting Persepolis drive to Pasargad, another UNESCO Heritage Site. (Persepolis-Pasargad: 85km). Drive to Yazd (Shiraz-Yazd: 425km).
(Overnight Yazd)
Day 5
Yazd, Isfahan
Yazd city tour including: Jaameh Mosque, Alexander prison, Fire Temple, Tower of Silence & Amir Chakhmagh. Drive to Isfahan. (Yazd-Isfahan: 300km).
(Overnight Isfahan)
Day 6
Isfahan city tour including Chehel sotun (40 pillars), Hasht Behesht (8 paradises), Naghshe Jahan or Emam Square (another Iran Cultural Heritage designated by UNESCO), Siose & Khajou bridges.
(Overnight Isfahan)  
Day 7
Isfahan city Tour including Jaame Mosque & Vank Cathedral. Free time for shopping and getting relaxed.
(Overnight Isfahan)
Day 8
Kashan, Tehran
In the morning drive to Abyaneh village (Isfahan-Abyaneh: 160km). Drive to Kashan (Abyaneh-Kashan:  80km). Visiting Kashan including: The Boroujerdi old House & Fin Garden.
Drive to Tehran (Kashan-Tehran: 245 km).
(Overnight Tehran)
Day 9
Tehran city tour including Archaeological Museum, Golestan Palace complex (a UNESCO site), Abgineh Glassware Museum.
Transfer to IKA airport.
Depart Tehran


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This website has not been updated for the last five years. Do you still schedule and manage this 9 days tour??
mohammad moheb
how much is this tours????
what is starting dates???
واحد تولید محتوا دالاهو replied 1396-10-21
Dear Mohammad, Thanks for your comment. You can find more information in our Incoming department. Please contanct 021-66468471
Salem Chemsseddine
I would like to have a price range for two person to visit Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan (9 Days) in June. Thank you in advance.
واحد تولید محتوا دالاهو replied 1396-02-13
Dear Salem, For more information, please contact our incoming department: 021-66468471 Thanks
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