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Turkmen Sahra (Golestan Province)
Turkmen Sahra (Golestan Province)

The land of traditional music and unique horses, Turkmen Sahra is a heaven located on the northeast of Iran. With its magically incredible natural phenomena and delicately haunting historical heritages, Turkmen Sahra fascinates any traveler.

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Where is Turkmen Sahra?

Situated in the northwest Iran, TurkmenSahra is a large area in the region of Golestan and Khorasan provinces. The area includes different cities such as Gonbad-e Kavus, Bandar-e Turkmen, Kalaleh, and Aqqala. The area meets the Caspian Sea on the west and the Republic of Turkmenistan on the north. Khorasan, Bojnord and Dargaz are on its east side, and lush hillsides of the Mount Alborz are on the south side of it. Head to the Golestan province and the city of Gonbad-e Qabus to unravel the magical beauty of Turkmen Sahra.

TurkmenSahra is a large area in the region of Golestan and Khorasan provinces

Why to visit Turkmen Sahra?

Due to its agreeable geographical condition, Turkmen Sahra contains plenty of natural and historical attractions. From the tallest brick-made tower in the world to natural phenomena called badlands, a mysterious cemetery and unique horses: all these attractions can be the reason to travel to this area. Along with these highlights, the rich culture and the traditional music of people of Turkmen Sahra are also precious heritages, worth to know. Enjoy the magical composition of the sound of a special music with the color and design of the costumes of the locals.

Top Sights in Turkmen Sahra  

According to historical accounts, Khalid Bin Sinan, known as “Khalid Nabi”, was one of the four prophets after Jesus and Muhammad. The accounts narrate that he was originally from a place today is known as Yemen and migrated to Iran in the Sassanid period. There are different stories about the reason of his migration. He is highly respected among the people of Turkmen Sahra. Next to his shrine, there are accommodations as well as a mosque for pilgrims who come to visit the Khalid Nabi Shrine.

Eroded to a significant degree, badlands are one of the most spectacular geological phenomena on earth. In general, there are no vegetation in these areas and this is where the name of “Badland” comes from. The erosion here forms a “landscape of jagged, fluted, and seemingly inaccessible hills.”

Not far from the Khalid Nabi shrine, there are many strange statues which may remind the beholder of a cemetery. There are different stories about these folic-shape form. Some myths say these are people who were Khalid Nabi’s enemies and turn into stone because of their disobedience. Others believe that they are Khalid Nabi and his followers who escape from their enemies and ask god to turn them into stone statues. Whatever the story behind this place, the significance of it lies mainly on its historical value. The history of the place dates back to a thousand years ago and it is a nationally-recognized heritage of Iran. Do not hesitate to visit this place, since there have been some damages in recent years.

One of the reasons of the reputation of Turkmen Sahra is its horses. Here is the land of some of the most authentic, famous horses. They are known for their speed, stamina and bravery. It is said that the horses in the Darius army, the king of Persia, were Turkmen horses. Have you heard what Chardin said about these horses in his logbook?

Menareh or Miles, means the place of light or fire (Naar in Arabic). In the past, these constructions were used as a guide for travelers (Carevan) to find their ways. They were also built in cities to indicate the main place of the city and show people where the city is located. Mil-e Gonbad (the tower of the city of Gonbad-e Kavus) was constructed to command of Kavus, the ruler of the Tabarestan, about one thousand years ago. The brick-made well-preserved construction has earned a place in the Unesco’s world heritage list since 2012.

One of the most incredible waterfalls in Golestan province, the Kaboud-Val Waterfall is covered with a beautiful layer of algae which makes it look like an alluring green velvet waterfall. To watch the water flows among this green, lush landscape and listening to the relaxing music of the nature and birds will be the highlight of your visit to Golestan Nature. The path to the waterfall is well-built and there are plenty of facilities.

Practical information

The best time to travel to Turkmen Sahra is in the first two months of spring. However, other seanons are good to travel too, particularly from the end of summer to the beginning of autumn and last month of the winter.    

If you chose the beginning of spring, autumn of winter for traveling to Turkmen Sahra, you would need an extra layer. Like any other trip to the nature, wear your trekking shoes. And remember to bring a wind coat, since the Khalid Nabi shrine is located on a hill.

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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