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Gorgan (Golestan)
Gorgan (Golestan)

From the tallest, unglazed brick tower in the world, to lush and verdant forested mountains, Gorgan has a lot to offer to any taste.

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Where is Gorgan?

The Capital of Golestan province, Gorgan is situated in northwest Iran. Until half a century ago, the city was called Astar Abaad. To reach Gorgan, there are plenty of ways. Plain is the fastest with about less than an hour, while traveling by train or bus offer a beautiful road though takes about 6 hours.

Gorgan is the Capital of Golestan province

Why to visit Gorgan?

Having a pleasantly agreeable weather, intact nature and rich history, Gorgan bestows a diversity in climate in a way that in one place you will see forests while another place may be semi-arid.

Top Sights in Gorgan  

One of the most alluring forests of Iran, Naharkhuran forest park is an all-round destination. There is a lush and green, but crowded, road that connects the center of Gorgan to the forest. Here the climate is agreeable due to the moderate temperature. In autumn Parrotia trees paint the landscape with their brushes and turn it into a scene full of yellow, red and orange hues. In winter, the snow adds spices to traveling to this place.

The most famous Bazaar here is hold on Mondays. You can buy plenty of handicrafts made by locals: from beautiful carpets to elegant needlecrafts.

one of the full-moss waterfalls, Kaboud-val is habitat to many valuable vegetation. You will reach this roaring through a paved path. There are also a plenty of small and big waterfalls on the way to Kaboud-val.

The tallest brick-make tower in the world, Gonbad-e Qabus has earned a place in the Unesco’s worls heritage list. The tower is also the fifteen’s nationally-recognized historic site of Iran. Dated back to the 11th century, Gonbad-e Qabus is, according to Unesco, “an outstanding and technologically innovative example of Islamic architecture that influenced sacral building in Iran, Anatolia and Central Asia.” 

Imagine yourself in a shepherd village, with verdant scenery and an alluring blue sky. breezing weather, wooden cottages and locals with colorful cloths. Greet with them and hear their beautiful accent. Ask them the road of the waterfall. Through an unpaved path you will reach to an astonishingly beautiful waterfall flows from mountains. The cool weather and the drops of water will cheer you up. This dream will come to the reality by visiting the Ziyarat waterfall.

A winding but dreamy road twists, old trees stand kindly, rays of the sun shine among branches, the weather cools as you proceed and the play of color and light starts the moment you reach the park. Enjoy walking on colorful leaves. The Alangdareh national park is so attracting that has earned the title of 7th tourism area of Iran.  

A white-covered two strays building, the Gorgan museum is built in Pahlavi architectural style. There are two palm trees and a small garden outdoor and indoor includes sculptures of famous people of Golestan province. The museum is recognized as the 4th archeological museum in Iran and has earned a place in Iran national heritages list.

Practical information

A round-year destination, Gorgan has spectacular snowy winters and hot and humid summers. Therefore, spring and autumn are best times to travel to the area.

Wear your trekking shoes and remember you need some extra cloth due to the humidity of the north of Iran. If you have plans to travel in winter, be equipped with warm cloth and rain coat.

As Always, take care of natural and historical treasures. Just leave our footprints and take beautiful memories.


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