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​​Travelling with Dalahoo is the very best way to get up close and personal with our country. Iran is the new experience in the old world​ to find magic ​things that you just hear them in the old stories​.
Abuzeydabad (Isfahan Province)
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Javaher Dasht (Gilan Province)
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Rial or Toman, that is the question!

What is the currency in Iran? Many tourists have this question and when they reach to the answer, they get confused. Rial or Toman? Which one is used in Iran? That is the question?!

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Asalem to Khalkhal a path to the paradise

A short but colorful trip between two of the most picturesque areas of Iran to a place where winter and summer meet. Asalem to Khalkhal is an attractive way at the north of Iran, one of which is the Asalem and Khalkhal region. 

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Why travel with Dalahoo?
Sustainable travel
Considering our footprint on the environment is a responsible, simple way that will have huge impacts. By trying to be a more sustainable traveler, we can easily achieve this goal.  
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Different travel to Iran
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